RAPTOR Rigid Rail Systems – Low Aesthetic Impact, Safe And Uncompromised Rope Access


750 Collins Street, Docklands


API Rope Access



750 Collins Street is made up 10 floors of mixed office and business space and has sweeping views over the beautiful Docklands area.

The building brings in tonnes of natural light to these areas through large panels of glass which cover the not only the exterior facade but also the interior atrium.

An effective and safe system for regular maintenance of the glass areas was required for rope access operators. Unobtrusive yet sturdy products with a focus on ease of use, the systems would be frequently accessed so longevity was an additional element to be considered.

Permits for drop zones and the use of EWPs (Elevated Work Platforms) to install the systems in difficult to reach areas far above the atrium were just a few of the challenges that the installation had to conquer.

Solution – Australian made RAPTOR Rigid Rails for safe and easy maintenance

In opening discussions with the developers Multiplex, they had specified that an Australian manufactured product would be their first choice for the project.

Having both installed and used RAPTOR Rigid Rails in the past, and knowing that all the RAPTOR Rail Systems are produced on-site at SAYFA’s facilities here in Melbourne, they were suggested as the perfect solution.

Additionally, the RAPTOR Rope Access Rigid Rail System was an ideal pick due to itsrope access functionality and user mobility.

The installation of RAPTOR’s curved rail sections would also provide smooth and uninterrupted access around all areas without the operator having to disconnect and reconnect their rope lines.

This can be a huge advantage in both cost and time saving efficiencies.

Multiplex, on behalf of their client, also stipulated that the systems supplied must offer back up documentation, to enable all operators to receive the necessary training to ensure safety in the workplace and to maintain their Duty of Care.

RAPTOR’s comprehensive operation manual gives workers detailed step by step instruction in its use, as well as providing:

api rope

The SAYFA Design Team’s Layout Plans

Maintenance checklists
Technical requirements
Material data and information
Compliance and testing details
Comprehensive layout plans were drawn up by the SAYFA  in-house Design Team which provided a flawless install.

The team from API Rope Access grabbed the chance to demonstrate the great manoeuvrability of RAPTOR Rigid Rails in action.

“The beauty of the RAPTOR System is it’s ability to enable the operator to perform their work at height safely and with little restriction of movement”, Murray Voss, SAYFA’s Technical Manager stated.

The end result was a happy client and a completely professional and smooth install perfect for the unique situation offered by this building.

api rope
Did you know that SAYFA is an Australian owned and operated company and that over 90% of our products are manufactured right here in Australia?


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RAPTOR Rigid Rail Systems can be used in both rope access and fall arrest applications. Read our rope access and fall arrest RAPTOR Product Overviews to find out more.

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