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API Rope Access offers a professional and hassle-free builders clean Melbourne service for residential and commercial premises. Once builders have done their work, you need someone to clean your site properly and at a cost that won’t add too much onto your original budget. Whether you’re finishing a new build or a renovation, a builders clean can eliminate dust, concrete and any other materials that construction generates. A good builders clean is also great for any building that’s looking a little tired and in need of a facelift. Trust our post construction cleaning team to restore your property to immaculate conditions.

API can help you to leave a good impression by performing a professional and thorough builders clean on your building, making it ready for handover. We are the best construction cleaning team for large commercial properties and high-rise buildings. We are able to complete a thorough clean on difficult to reach places and at height properties with ease. Make your booking today to get a free quote.

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Melbourne Builders Cleaning Service For Homes And Businesses

Renovations and constructions are a lengthy process which create lots of builders’ waste. From demolition, construction to installation, you need someone reliable to pick up after the mess. We’re fully equipped to carry out professional post construction cleaning service in Melbourne suited for businesses and multi-residential units. Building processes leave unused materials and scraps as well as dangerous builder’s dust which is mostly silica, a natural substance found in most rocks, clay and sand. The respirable crystalline silica made by construction materials is very dangerous when inhaled and needs to be eliminated properly with high pressure cleaning.

And if you know a thing or two about the construction business, a builders clean does not only involve getting rid of dust. Post-construction cleaning means disposing of hazardous materials carefully, cleaning and polishing newly constructed walls and floors as well as catering to issues such as loose wiring, any leaks, or membrane waterproofing as detected. It covers any last minute touches as it is the final crucial step that ensures your final product meets your exacting standards for delivery.

What Professional Builders Cleaning Services Can Do For You

After builders clean of new or recently renovated industrial and commercial properties are essential for their upkeep and safety. At API Rope Access we offer affordable high-quality after builders clean services in Melbourne. Whether you are working on a large project or a small one, we’re just a call away. We can help you remove construction debris either once after completion or regularly throughout your project. The following are just some reasons why clients choose our professional services:
Professional cleaning allows clients to see their property transform from a construction site into a pristine finished building
We provide the best equipment and products to deliver high-quality results on your builders cleaning service

We can perform difficult exterior high rise cleaning of windows, decks, balconies and external facade which is hard to reach without the right abseiling techniques

Clean window sills, window frames, skirting boards, roofing, facade lighting, signage and other fixtures
Minimise delay between completion and handover, making life easier for any new tenant or business about to operate
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Present The Best End Product With The Help Of Professional Cleaners

You need professional construction or renovation cleaning on your site to make sure the ideal outcome you’ve been anticipating comes into fruition. At the risk of having your final result underappreciated in value, a builder’s clean is an essential step before handing over your project. API Rope Access’ after builders cleaning team provides residential and commercial construction clean up services in Melbourne. We help eliminate stress so you won’t have to waste time and resources on doing everything yourself. Don’t risk ruining the results of your builders as they refurbish your place when you can be sure to have the results you need when you rely on experienced builders cleaners. Our builders cleaning Melbourne service allows clients to get the results they need quickly, conveniently and affordably.
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Create Safer, More Efficient Construction Sites With Our Builders Clean

While ensuring a clean property during a handover is important, in retrospect, it’s not the only cleaning you need to consider. It is equally important and challenging to ensure your construction site is clean from start to finish. With so many working parts during a construction project, it’s easy for small messes to be overlooked and build up on your site. From loose bolts, sawdust, nails and more, plenty of scraps are left on a daily basis by builders. Neglecting this, however, presents a tripping hazard or worse. When you need someone to clean up your site on short notice and ensure your premises are OHS-compliant so you can also uphold your duty of care to your team, trust API Rope Access to get the job done.

Not only will ongoing cleaning remove potential hazards that might cause your team to slip or injure themselves, it will make processes easier on your builders and contractors. Not having to step around piles of waste or watch out for debris will help them work more effectively with their safety fully ensured. We do much more than just cladding replacement and installation, offering regular cleaning throughout your entire building process to make sure you have a clean work site at all times, as well as a post-construction clean so you can better enjoy the final result of your build. From framing to final fit-out, we can clear out dust, dirt, debris and any potential hazards.

We Offer Site Rubbish Removal Cleaning Services

Looking for a cost-effective choice for builders cleaning in Melbourne? We understand the demands of various types of commercial and domestic cleans. We always arrive with the required cleaning equipment for effective removal of your construction waste. More importantly, we are able to carry out your construction waste disposal in a safe, eco-friendly and efficient manner. You won’t have to worry about picking up and disposing debris on your premises. Our team of experienced cleaners provide rubbish removal service for your construction site. This includes removing:
Corrugated iron
Concrete removal
builders clean melbourne services
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Get The Full Range Of Post Construction Cleaning Services

We offer the full range of post construction cleaning services in Melbourne, including:
Removing dust, scuffs and dirt from surfaces including walls, roofing and flooring
Removing stickers and masking tape from installations
Cleaning and vacuuming all woodwork including skirting boards, frames, doors, window sills and other fixtures
Window cleaning and facade cleaning services
Ensuring the site is completely clean after construction and ready for handover
We provide a fast turnaround and are able to respond quickly to client demands. If you need a builders clean at short notice, book API Rope Access for prompt service at competitive prices. Our quality detailed builders cleaning service will solve outstanding issues with your premises from site safety to rubbish removal.

Book Our Melbourne Builders Cleaning Service Today

On any construction work especially on a large commercial site, you need professional cleaners with experience to take care of the ensuing mess. API Rope Access is a trusted and affordable Melbourne builders cleaning service. An established company that offers its services for residential and commercial properties, we specialise in builders cleaning for high rise properties and elevated places with our industrial rope access techniques. Rely on us for high pressure cleaning on your premises to ensure safety for staff and the public alike, as well as ensure the best value on your end result. We can work closely with involved traders and your site supervisor, taking the stress from your cleaning process and delivering outstanding results each time. Book us today for your job.

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