High Rise Access

When you’re looking for high-rise access solutions in commercial and industrial environments, API Rope Access has the experience and expertise to complete corporate, local and state projects with guaranteed results. Our high-rise rope access technicians are highly trained in providing repairs, maintenance and installation on high-rise buildings and other elevated structures.
Fall Protection

High Rise Access Experts For Fall Protection And Height Access Solutions

One of the major concerns for any consulting and engineering company is making sure their project is carried out with fall protection and height safety always in mind. Our rope access technicians are experts in height access solutions. Our hi-rise access technicians team can help oversee any maintenance requirements for your business down to the finest details. We also offer facade cleaning and repairs, facade inspections, replacements of windows, non-destructive testing and sign installation on your building whenever you need it. Our focus is to help your company minimise downtime and disruption for workers and passersby without compromising safety by implementing innovative height safety solutions.

Cladding Replacement

Is your building’s cladding compliant with Australian standards? You need non-combustible cladding that is suited to the needs of your property. From size, and location to materials, our high-rise access technicians team can help you replace your cladding quickly and create the most suitable cladding system for your build in the long term. Get in touch with our friendly team for expert high-rise access cladding replacement services.
Cladding Replacement
High Rise Painting

High Rise Painting And Facade Cleaning

API Rope Access offers a wide range of maintenance services including high-rise painting and facade cleaning on all kinds of tower blocks and office towers. Whenever your building is looking worse for wear, we can give your exterior a fresh new coat. If you’d like that polished, professional new look, rely on us for cleaning and painting requirements of any scale from a small touch-up to a full-scale makeover.

High Rise Window Repairs And Window Replacements

Got cracked, damaged or loose windows? Whether you need a repair services or an emergency window replacement service to replace busted windows, our high-rise access technicians can climb your property and quickly carry out the work you need. Our commercial glaziers offer expert problem-solving and high-quality installations whenever you need a window fixed as soon as possible.
Window Repairs
Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

We’re the best high-rise access team to help you with concrete repairs and patching. Concrete buildings will suffer from wear and tear from the elements over time. Any cracks and damage should be addressed promptly to prevent further problems and the need for excessive caulking for your building. We work closely with contractors and engineers to implement the best concrete repairs and leak detection according to your specific construction requirements. Save on energy bills, avoid leaks and maintain your building’s value in the long run by getting your repairs right away at the first sign of an issue.

Incorrect product choices can cause issues to appear sooner than later. It’s best to remedy this problem before major consequences arise. API can complete your caulking to create guaranteed lasting results. We ensure the best end product so you can get the most out of your manufacturer warranty.

Services & Capabilities

We offer a wide range of services in rope access Melbourne clients can rely on. From caulking, and water testing to re-cladding, builders clean to facade repairs, we offer a comprehensive range of high-rise rope access services suited for commercial and heavyweight industries. What sets us apart from other rope access companies Melbourne has to offer is our strict compliance and quality assurance for height safety solutions. Contact our office today to discuss how we can work with you to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.




Builders Clean

Do you need post-construction builders clean? Whether you’re building on new land, renovating or refurbishing, we can help you get rid of debris, scraps and other hazards from your worksite to make processes much more efficient and safer for your workers. This also ensures you won’t be masking the value of your build during your final handover as everything will look immaculate for your client.
Builders Clean
Leak Detection And Waterproofing

Leak Detection And Waterproofing

A major problem that can escalate quickly on property grounds is insufficient drainage which causes leaks throughout your building envelope, concrete works and in worse cases, corrosion on steel frameworks. These water ingress issues can create major structural damage to your property if neglected. Whenever you suspect a leak, call professional technicians who can help you locate and identify the issue immediately so you can have the right waterproofing system installed.

Facade Inspections And Reports

Routine facade inspections are required for compliance and safety reasons. API Rope Access offers facade inspections and reports to eliminate stress for developers and building owners. When you need someone reliable for reporting on any defects and completing any necessary repairs, our high-rise access technicians can give you detailed documentation and visual reports so you can make the most suitable and cost-effective choice for your remedial works. We’ll help you resolve major areas of concern and attend to any repairs and maintenance needs effectively. Hassle-free, convenient and thorough, book your facade inspection with API Rope Access for a detailed assessment of your building condition.
Facade Inspections And Reports
Value-Added Solutions

Practical Value-Added Solutions For Your Safety

Our rope access technicians offer a wide range of value-added solutions for commercial and industrial clients. From ensuring you remain in compliance with Australian standards in regard to your build, to help you reduce energy billing costs and the likelihood of major repairs, we provide various building maintenance services with reliable height safety precautions addressed. From installing cladding systems, and anchor systems alongside their certification to painting, carrying out concrete repairs and builders cleaning, we help building owners and managers, contractors and subcontractors as well as engineering consultants achieve the results they need in both performance and aesthetics for commercial and industry-heavy settings.

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Our high-rise rope access Melbourne technicians can help you increase efficiency and safety, and maintain value for your property with our wide range of building maintenance and repairs services. We can help you undertake various projects throughout your construction process and oversee your ongoing maintenance once you’re fully operational. From cleaning, painting, and repairs to installations, we can help you sort out any task with height safety and fall protection requirements taken care of. Furthermore, we always prioritise our client’s needs and conduct our work with a timeline-focused approach. Discuss your needs with our team today and get a quote for your job.

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