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Facade inspections are an integral part of your building maintenance and compliance requirements. They should never be neglected in order to maintain proper health for your building. At API Rope Access, we offer facade inspections and reports among other building maintenance services. A facade maintenance program will allow building managers to document the specifics of their facade system. It’s a strategic approach that accounts for the materials used, condition assessment, repair requirements, budget expectations, and more. Our technicians at API Rope Access can provide a facade inspection report detailing various factors that make up your building condition and recommend fixes.

We can help you determine any flaws, complete any necessary repair work and maintain the value of your property as well as the quality of the building envelope’s performance. Talk to us today to book your inspection.

Hire Expert Facade Access Technicians

Hire Expert Facade Access Technicians For Your Facade Inspection

API Rope Access can access facade elevations without costly access installations. This allows us to provide in-depth audits and inspection reports for building facades. Whether you’ve got a three-story property or a high-rise unit, we can help. Our inspectors work closely with engineering consultants and building managers to deliver detailed surveys and inspections, determining any defects and further assessment or repair requirements. Our inspections are compiled into an easy-to-use report documenting the issues found and any repairs that need to be made. This includes visual reports such as photos which are transferred to our clients so they can make the most well-informed decision on their building maintenance.

Clients rely on us to provide any of the following services after their facade inspection:

Facade Repairs and Painting
Facade and Window Cleaning
Leak Detection

What A Building Facade Inspection Report Covers

On your facade inspection, we locate and identify workmanship defects and oxidation, provide a concrete and corrosion assessment and check the integrity of your cladding systems. Once the condition and risk factors are properly located and identified, your inspection is complete and we can present a full report with the data you need to proceed with the most suitable facade repairs. Our main focus is customer satisfaction, and we offer a thorough and detailed approach when it comes to the identification and any remedial action that needs to be taken for your property.

We offer an efficient, fast turnaround for your inspection as well as a wide range of facade repairs and maintenance services including high-rise window cleaning, gutter repairs, caulking, and more. Simply contact us today or fill in our inquiry form online to book your job.

Building Facade
Facade Repairs

Facade Repairs and Maintenance: Planning to Implementation

With our rope access methods, we can easily determine any problems or defects on your facade that may pose a threat to safety regardless of hard-to-reach or at-height locations. We can recommend suitable corrective action, working closely with stakeholders from engineering consultants, and subcontractors to building owners and managers. We can inspect, document, and repair all types of facades in a timely and cost-effective manner. This includes going over any small leak detection issues to large-scale surveys for planned facade repair works and many more.

Our team of abseil technicians has the ability to accurately assess and document facade maintenance-related issues and deliver your repairs on time.

Prevent Poor Insulation And Damage On Your Building Facade

Building envelopes and facades fulfil a number of vital functional needs for your property’s occupants. From controlling internal air pressure, quality and temperature to serving as important barriers for preventing damage, moisture and air from leaking into a facility, they’re important assets that require quality maintenance. Damaged or deteriorating envelopes and facades will lead to diminishing insulation and energy efficiency for your property.

At API Rope Access, we offer a full range of building maintenance services such as facade inspections, audits, reporting, leak detection analysis, full facade repair and painting, waterproofing as well as maintenance of your electrical assets and safety systems.

Prevent Poor Insulation
Save Thousands of Dollars On Energy And Repair Costs

Save Thousands of Dollars On Energy And Repair Costs

Plenty of buildings will pose difficulty or danger when it comes to access due to height, certain building features and other elevated structures. However, these obstacles can be easily overcome with a team of professional technicians with abseiling and rope access solutions. API can help you minimise the costs associated with accessing these areas while ensuring individuals such as tenants and pedestrians are always kept safe during your inspection and repair process. Furthermore, taking a proactive approach to getting your building envelopes and facades inspected regularly will save you thousands of dollars on energy and future repair costs. By identifying and fixing potential concerns before they turn into severe maintenance issues, you won’t have to deal with higher expenses as well as delays in your repairs or additional downtime for your business.

API Rope Access offers a quick, accurate, and affordable systematic alternative that tackles your building maintenance strategy in a preventative manner. We can detect building envelope and facade issues faster and more efficiently than traditional inspection methods, allowing you a safer environment to work in.

Book Your Facade Inspection With API Rope Access

Inspections and facade reports are important tools to solidify any decisions for your facade repairs. They can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, and help you maintain your building’s value and performance. As your one-stop shop for building maintenance works, API Rope Access offers a comprehensive range of services including facade inspections.
Our team of rope access technicians get up close to your property and effectively investigates the need for repairs to ensure long-term safety. Make your booking with us today.

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