Facade Cleaning & Repairs

API Rope Access can take care of your building facade cleaning and facade repairs no matter if you’ve got a three-story property or a high-rise unit. We have considerable experience in servicing multi-story buildings for a wide variety of maintenance and remedial needs. Improve the appearance and the perceived value of your building structure and make your booking with us today for prompt servicing. Call now and get a free quote before finalising your booking.
High-Quality Building Facade Cleaning

High-Quality Building Facade Cleaning And Repairs Services

When you need someone reliable to maintain your building to make a good impression on buyers, patrons and clients, we offer prompt service and deliver quality workmanship each time. Whether you’re building, in operation or you’ve just recently refurbished your property, we offer a wide variety of installation, repairs and ongoing maintenance to help your general upkeep. From a builder clean throughout your construction process or post-construction for your final handover to high-pressure cleaning on high-level windows, repairs on your building facade, or leak detection and waterproofing, we’ve got you covered. Ensuring professionalism, safety, and customer satisfaction at all times, our workers are highly qualified to carry out your project efficiently. We deliver the workmanship you need whenever you need it and help you stay within budget.

Commercial & Industrial Facade Access Specialists

Our rope access technicians are available on an emergency basis for any building maintenance and repair requirements. As specialists in commercial and industrial facade access, we can help you complete any remedial work and restore your building back to pristine condition with our cleaning methods. In order for your building occupants’ functional needs to be met, your building maintenance should never be neglected. Rely on us for a facade inspection of your property to see what can be done about your current building condition. It’s in your best interest to immediately address any areas of concern such as potential defects and problems like water ingress or cracked windows or concrete before major structural damage occurs. Not only will you prevent higher repairs costs in the long run for your facade repair, but you’ll be able to maintain the value of your property. We can help you take the remedial action you need to ensure the lasting safety and performance of your building envelope. The following are some services we provide regularly for our customers:
Window Cleaning & Glazing

Window Cleaning & Glazing

Need to get the dirt and grime off your glass windows? Or do you have damaged windows and need an emergency replacement right away? We can help with any window cleaning, commercial glazing and window installation jobs at your location.
Concrete Repairs & Patching

Concrete Repairs & Patching

Concrete bears wear and tear with age, and this process is only sped up by harsh Australian conditions. When you see a crack in your concrete, rely on us for concrete injections and repairs to ensure no further damage takes place.
Facade Painting

Facade Painting

A fresh coat of paint will do your property wonders. It’s just as important to have your building exterior appear presentable to reflect your brand image. If you’d like your building to look fresh and clean to attract prospective clients, our high-rise painters are perfect for the job.
anchor point inspection

Cladding Replacement

Combustible cladding is a high-level hazard for fire outbreaks. Eliminate the risk to your property by getting your re-cladding done quickly. Our rope access technicians can help you with cladding replacement to stay compliant with Australian building laws.
builders clean

Builders Clean

Making sure your construction site is clean at all times is important to eliminate occupational hazards for workers and ensure your project runs smoothly. It is also an essential step before your final handover to get the best value out of your build’s end result. Our technicians can ensure your worksite cleaning is carried out safely and efficiently while minimising disruption to your construction.
Facade Inspections

Facade Inspections

To ensure your functional needs are being met, schedule a facade inspection with API Rope Access technicians to maintain your building condition. We can document any potential defects and prepare a detailed report so you can make the most informed decision on any repairs and modifications you need to undertake.
Leak Detection & Waterproofing

Leak Detection & Waterproofing

Water ingress issues are some of the most common and often neglected concerns on commercial and industrial properties. When left unaddressed, this reduces the building’s lifespan and diminishes its ability to protect and insulate its inhabitants. Furthermore, major leaks can deteriorate concrete and steel supports, hence causing costly damages. Rely on us to promptly locate hidden leaks in your building facade and envelope. We can implement the right waterproofing solution to prevent future problems.

Other Services

We offer a wide range of services in rope access Melbourne clients can rely on. From caulking, and water testing to re-cladding, builders clean to facade repairs, we offer a comprehensive range of rope access services suited for commercial and heavyweight industries. What sets us apart from other rope access companies Melbourne has to offer is our strict compliance and quality assurance for height safety solutions. Contact our office today to discuss how we can work with you to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
commercial glazing

Commercial Glazing


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Abseiling Building Maintenance

Abseiling Building Maintenance


Abseiling Solutions

Book Your Facade Cleaning And Repairs With API Rope Access Technicians

Being proactive about your building maintenance and repairs will help you save on costs and ensure long-term safety for your business. If you’d like to get your facade repair and cleaning completed on time at affordable prices, our technicians can work quickly and discreetly so you won’t have to deal with prolonged disruption for customers, workers, and pedestrians. We have the expertise to advise you on the best value-added strategies for your maintenance as well as the experience to work on high-rise building projects, for example, roof surfaces, balconies, and other elevated structure services. Contact us to oversee any facade cleaning and repair requirements you have.

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