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Industrial Abseiling Services

Our Brand promise is backed up by our commitment to deploying a professional and quality driven team to exceed our clients expectations. Reliable Excellence, every job every time.

Leak Detection and Waterproofing Membranes

At API Rope Access, we can help you find and install the right waterproofing membrane for you. A critical part of residential housing and commercial building practices, we can help you stop water from escaping from swimming pools,

api rope
api rope

Advantages Of Our Industrials Abselling Solutions For Your Business

Rope access solutions are proven to be safer, quicker and more cost efficient than traditional methods like scaffolding, or in some cases cranes, particularly when attempting access to hard-to-reach or complicated areas.

Green Wall Install And Maintenance

API works closely with an industry leader and proven innovator in horticultural technologies. Together we’ve completed multiple successful walled garden projects.

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melbourne caulkinges


API ensures that your caulking is completed seamlessly and effectively for an end result that lasts for many years to come. Our work is guaranteed along with manufacturers specifications.

Abseiling Solutions

API Rope Access can assist your project from the start of your build from your facade design to commercial glazing in Melbourne and to any remedial work you may need post construction.

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cladding replacement and installation

Cladding Replacement and Installation

Are your high-risk cladding panels presenting serious concerns for your building? While often neglected, high-risk cladding poses a large risk for combustion and is a major fire hazard for the whole property.

Commercial Glazing

Enhance your space with professional commercial glazing in Melbourne. Want a sleek professional look for your building? As the top Melbourne based glazing company with fully trained experienced glaziers, we provide custom glass solutions from commercial glass replacement to glass repairs and various other glass-related installations for your facade and interior.

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High Rise Access

One of the major concerns for any consulting and engineering company is making sure their project is carried out with fall protection and height safety always in mind.

Facade Inspections

API uses a professional, integrated approach to facade inspection, combining decades of experience with current architectural and engineering advancements. This allows the project manager, architect, and engineer to understand the state of the facade quickly and concisely.

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api high rise painters

High Rise Painters

From high rise painting, general repairs to waterproofing, and signage installation, our professional painters specialise in working on high rise buildings,

Facade Cleaning and Repairs

When you need someone reliable to maintain your building to make a good impression on buyers, patrons and clients, we offer prompt service and deliver quality workmanship each time. Whether you’re building,

facade cleaning and repairs
window replacements

Window Replacement

The right window installation will allow more natural light, temperature insulation and optimal noise reduction for your building. At API Rope Access we offer quick, affordable window repairs, window replacements and caulking in Melbourne for industrial and commercial buildings.

Building Maintenance

Our fully insured services always meet Australian Standards. We’ve worked with a wide range of high rise buildings including general public, retail, healthcare, education, listed properties, industrial clients and more.

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rope access technician

Rope Access Technician

Our rope access staff offers a diverse range of skills, coming from different trade backgrounds so we can carry out many types of building maintenance work quickly and safely. Our abseiling and building maintenance experts always complete your job in compliance with IRATA standards.

Builders Clean Melbourne

Renovations and constructions are a lengthy process which create lots of builders’ waste. From demolition, construction to installation, you need someone reliable to pick up after the mess. We’re fully equipped to carry out professional post construction cleaning service in Melbourne suited for businesses and multi-residential units. Building processes leave unused materials and scraps as well as dangerous builder’s dust which is mostly silica,

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sign installation

Sign Installation

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service for our customers. Known for our reputation in helping clients stay on time and on budget, we deliver consistency, communication, reliability, versatility and key problem-solving for your project management.

Industrial Rope Access

With our experience in industrial rope access work, we have the technical expertise to help you carry out the needs of your construction project from start to finish. Whether you’re in the midst of building or already in operation, we provide value added solutions for your project.

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