Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproofing is an essential precaution to take in all building design and construction projects. API Rope Access offers professional advice, prompt service and product range for waterproofing membranes. We are your local installer and supplier specialist for leading waterproofing membranes on industrial and commercial applications. Whether you’re dealing with a new build or trying to preserve an existing one, you need durable waterproofing that will last for years to come. Without it, water ingress will occur easily. This accounts for a majority of building envelope failures and will cost owners extensive repairs and remedial actions. Prevent water ingress damage and higher expenses by getting your waterproofing membranes right the first time around.
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Find The Right Waterproofing Membrane For Your Building

At API Rope Access, we can help you find and install the right waterproofing membrane for you. A critical part of residential housing and commercial building practices, we can help you stop water from escaping from swimming pools, cavities and prevent its entry from extreme weather conditions. An effective water tight material will stop the passage of water into walls and habitable areas, protecting your area from water leaks and preventing the need for cladding replacement. Most surfaces will be vulnerable without the adequate drainage provided by a waterproofing sheet membrane. These waterproofing systems are typically installed in the following areas:

Structural slab, foundations and retaining walls
Bathrooms, wet areas and pools
External walls, balconies & terraces
Concrete roofs, roof decks and plant room floors
Car park docks and lift pits
If these areas are left exposed without effective waterproofing, you’ll be risking extensive damage and costly repairs to your building’s overall construction. Contact API Rope Access today, we can help you find the right waterproofing protection for your property.

Keep Your Building Safe And Dry As You Brave The Australian Climate

Australia’s climate is known for its high humidity and heavy downpours as well as rising sea levels and increasing flood events. There isn’t a more important time to install adequate waterproofing membrane on your property. At API Rope Access, we provide a wide variety of waterproofing solutions suitable for concrete structure and construction works. With our experience, we understand which material works best for your site according to your facade design.

This way, you can prevent major water ingress, which can cause various problems from rotting timber framing and flooring, rusty pipes, cracked concrete and undermine foundations as well as create mould infestations. An effective waterproofing membrane layer will keep your building safe and dry while also reducing the costs of your heating bill.

Restore Your Building With A Suitable Waterproofing Solution

Waterproofing membranes play an important role in restorations and facade repairs. Heritage buildings that suffer from corrosion and water based damage can benefit from design changes. Poor construction and rising groundwater levels necessitate the need for an installation that offers good protection. Slumping foundations, damp basements and mould are some common signs of a water issue that needs immediate correction. While there is a vast selection of waterproofing membranes available, it’s essential to understand which one is the right choice for you. Some membranes are multipurpose while others are designed for highly specific applications. On a general note, membranes need to be flexible, capable of expanding and contracting when there are temperature changes that cause the building surface to move. Which type of waterproofing membrane is right for you may be determined by the following conditions:

UV exposure
Type of substrate
Exposure to dirt and traffic
Size of area that needs to be covered
Internal or external use
Storage of potable water
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Waterproofing Membranes

Why You Need A Waterproofing Membrane For Walls

Cladding types and building designs can be prone to leaks when the flashing and drainage is inadequate. These issues are prevalent in older designs and modern constructions alike. Whether you’re completing a new build or repairing a leak on an existing property, it’s important your walls and facade get durable waterproofing.
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Waterproofing For Formwork On New Builds And Renovations

Sheet membranes are necessary to combat water penetration and provide a physical surface to apply cladding such as SIP panels, Dincel, brick, block, AFS, render, paint, and Hebel block. In the context of concrete construction and waterproofing concrete buildings, it’s essential for the falsework that supports contemporary or permanent shuttering moulds required for pouring concrete.

Waterproofing For Roofs, Balconies And Terraces

Modern flat roofs, especially those made of concrete, need careful application of a waterproofing membrane. Similarly, the same goes for balconies, terraces, planter boxers and other adjacent structures which frequently create water ingress problems. Inadequate sealing against moisture penetration on these frequently wet areas combined with significant load bearing properties on balconies will cause water leaks and damage sooner than later. Membranes will need to cover not only the floor layer but extend partway up the walls to form an adequate barrier solution.

Concrete Buildings And Concrete Projects

Concrete buildings are very exposed to moisture on a regular basis and are thus susceptible to water damage. Such a structure be it a modern flat roofing design, concrete walls or basements encourage water to pool and accelerate the speed of structural decay in the concrete structure. At worst, when no prevention can stop water damage, the ingress will infiltrate and corrode the steel reinforcing rods that exist inside these installations. Consequently, without anything to protect this structure, you will have weak, crumbling concrete that will allow further water ingress to seep deeper into the building envelope. This kind of damage and corrosion will be very expensive to fix so the installation of a reliable waterproof membrane is critical. As the most trustworthy local installer and supplier of waterproofing membranes for commercial and industrial applications, we’re qualified to help you reach the most informed decision on your property’s waterproofing. Contact us today to book your job.
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Get The Right Waterproofing Protection With API Rope Access

It’s important to choose the right waterproof membrane material for your specific job and how to apply it best on your property. In fact, one of the major reasons waterproofing tends to fail or create poor results comes down to inadequate preparation and incorrect product choice. Get API Rope Access on the job to deliver the perfect waterproofing solution for your building. Talk to our team today to see what we can do for you.

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