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Welcome to API Rope Access, your best provider of top-quality rope access services in Port Melbourne. With a dedicated team of professionals and commitment to excellence, we specialise on a broad range of services meant for high-rise buildings and structures.

Whether it’s window washing or facade repairs or anchor point installation, our technical knowledge and experience will let you have the best.

High-Rise Building Maintenance

High-Rise Building Maintenance

Our team specialises in high-rise building maintenance in Port Melbourne to keep your property under the best condition. 

From regular inspections to preventive maintenance we offer all-inclusive solutions that will leave your building looking perfect.


  • High Rise Painters Port Melbourne: Our professional painters are well trained to provide painting services on tall edifices resulting in outstanding outcomes that improve the aesthetic value of your premises.
  • Anchor Point Installation Port Melbourne: We install reliable anchor points on which ropes used during maintenance can be attached ensuring safety of personnel involved in rope access operations.
  • Anchor Point Certification by Experts: We provide expert certification of anchor points for enhanced safety protocols.
  • Façade Inspection and Dilapidation Reporting: Through our detailed evaluations, we identify and document the needs of your building’s exterior.

Commercial Glazing and Cladding Contractors

At API Rope Access, we know how vital it is for you to maintain the façade’s integrity. Some of our commercial glazing and cladding contractors include:


  • Commercial Glazing Port Melbourne: Enhancing attractiveness and functionality of windows & glass surfaces within your building is done through provision of quality glazing services by us.
  • Cladding Contractors Port Melbourne: Specialising in cladding system installations and repairs, these guys give long-lasting solutions against harsh environmental conditions that could potentially destroy your property.
Commercial Glazing and Cladding Contractors
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Facade Repairs and Cleaning

Keep your building looking good while maintaining its structure with our façade repairs and cleaning. This includes:


  • Facade Repairs Port Melbourne: The rebuilding or reconditioning work done on various parts of facades carried out by this team aims at preserving the structural strength and beauty of buildings thereby making them look great always.
  • Facade Cleaning Port Melbourne: All dirt, grime and pollutants are removed from the façade through our all-inclusive façade cleaning services which greatly enhance the brightness and colour of your building.

Elevate Your Building’s Potential with API Rope Access

API Rope Access is committed to providing excellent rope access services that suit the specific requirements of skyscrapers in Port Melbourne. Trust us to give quality workmanship in a professional manner.

Contact us today for your rope access requirements including further information on how we can assist you and book an appointment.

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