Leak Detection & Waterproofing Melbourne Services

One of the most common problems we encounter on buildings is issues in relation to ineffective waterproofing and sealing. When inexperienced contractors attempt to fix these problems, they often make them worse due to lack of understanding over facade construction, design and purpose. Our staff at API have the required experience and background in window and facade construction to assist you properly in resolving all water ingress problems. For prompt leak detection Melbourne service as well as remedial waterproofing, contact our team of technicians now.

External Leak Detection & Waterproofing Expertise

Our external waterproofing and leak detection Melbourne service help clients investigate roofing, balconies and retaining wall areas. We thoroughly inspect the external facade, looking out for any defects. With a team of talented diagnosticians who can easily identify concerns on your building facade, we will help you take immediate action and prevent the consequences of defective waterproofing on building occupants and liable stakeholders. Our leak detection and waterproofing compliance services may include:
leak detection and waterproofing
Facade Inspection
Design Consultation
Compliance Inspections
Onsite Testing
Leak Detection and Repairs
Waterproofing Membrane Installations
We help the Australian construction industry mitigate waterproofing risk with quick quality control and remedial rectification works. Clients rely on us to conduct non-destructive testing on waterproofing applications and carry out repairs in compliance to Australian Standards. Ensuring reliable excellence each time, we ensure lasting industry-grade performance with our effective and detailed consultations.

Get The Best Waterproofing Facade Design On New And Old Builds

We offer facade design and repairs services on new and old builds. Whether you need remedial action on an existing property or repairs to a brand new build, we can correct any waterproofing issue and install an effective membrane system. Our team can assist your construction from the initial design stage by providing the best long-term solution for your architectural use. We’re always equipped to help you correct any waterproofing issues onsite.
leak detection and waterproofing melbourne

Implement Quick Remedial Rectification With Lasting Results

While each repair may be different, most external leaks can be resolved with the application of a suitable waterproof membrane in combination to an effective drainage solution. Waterproof membranes are generally applied in the walls or roofs to block water from leaking into the structure and causing drainage issues. The right waterproofing and sealant will ensure your property remains well protected overtime in harsh Australian conditions. We can help you figure out the most suitable waterproofing measure to combat your leak requirements and prevent water from seeping into your building interior. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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