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We offer qualified cladding replacement and removal of cladding panels for residential and commercial properties Melbourne-wide. We have an experienced team of abseilers who are well versed with the removal and installation process and can help you find the most suitable alternative materials to match your building’s needs. As your local cladding specialist, we can complete your project efficiently and ensure quality results for your property.

API Rope Access works with builders, owners, owners corporations and government agencies to assist with rectification of non-compliant or non-conforming external cladding. We undertake works associated with combustible cladding on residential apartments, commercial and government owned buildings.

Our team can provide support, expert guidance and access solutions. Talk to us today to get a quote for your job.

Cladding Replacement and Installation Melbourne

Eliminate Risk With Cladding Replacement & Installation

Are your high-risk cladding panels presenting serious concerns for your building? While often neglected, high-risk cladding poses a large risk for combustion and is a major fire hazard for the whole property. As determined by the regulations outlined in the Australian Building Code, cladding replacement is essential in all buildings two storeys and over in height must replace all non-compliant external wall cladding. In order to prevent fires and ensure the welfare and safety of building occupants, pedestrians and the public, this compliance is mandatory for residential and commercial properties alike.

The Immediate Dangers Of Combustible Cladding

Combustible cladding is a key factor in the spread of flames. This has predominantly contributed to the destruction of multi-storey buildings in recent years. Combustible cladding installation is not only more likely to spread flame faster over longer distances, but is also more susceptible to warp and catch fire at lower temperatures compared to other types of cladding. It’s because of this reason that non-compliant cladding is banned on future builds and calls for strict removal from older pre-existing structures are demanded. This breach can occur around windows, balconies, ornamental features or other external surfaces as cladding is often used in areas that may not be identified properly. Ideally, this work should be included with routine facade repairs, and building maintenance

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Other Risks In Non-compliant Cladding Installation

It is apparent that despite hiring construction services on your build, cladding for your building may not meet Australia’s safety standards as established by the Building Code. This may cause a number of problems, one significant issue being leaking cladding. Water ingress is often a little known or rarely discussed problem that may stem from poorly installed cladding. While this issue receives little to no attention, it can inconvenience your building’s condition, resulting in soggy, deteriorating plaster and the unanticipated, unnecessary outcome of having to replace the cladding, which incurs higher costs.
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We Can Help You Address Non-compliant Cladding Installation

API Rope Access can help you address non-compliant cladding installation. Our rope access services can provide building rectification coupled with our height safety systems. We are the most cost effective choice in Melbourne for solution delivery on your cladding installation. Our team can identify risks and recommend the most appropriate solution while focusing on fire protection and any upgrades you need. We work closely with our clients whether you need to replace combustible cladding or update your facade. The following are some of the work we regularly do for both high level company buildings including high rise units and industrial rope access for larger-scale locations:
Replacement of non compliant cladding with alternative cladding systems which meet the required standards of the Australian Building Code
Emergency lighting and exit signage
Implementing a fire upgrade solution
Window and door replacement
While our rope access solutions can help you fulfil the most demanding tasks on your repairs and installation, we can also help you complete routine requirements such as building maintenance, system testing, window cleaning and more. From reaching difficult places to managing any structure repairs on new heights, we can install or fix any of your professional assets from signage, waterproofing and more. Our team of rope access technicians always deliver efficient, prompt results of the highest standards. Contact us today for a quote on your service.

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We Offer A Diverse Range Of Cladding Installations

Whether you need us to repair, replace or install new cladding on your property, our abseiling solutions can ensure compliant cladding suited to your property. Our team offers a thorough inspection and can repair damaged cladding, or get new cladding installed to meet Australian standards. Get us to inspect your premises today, we provide a fast turnaround for any job so you can rely on us to get your project completed quickly and efficiently at affordable prices. Our rope access service is compatible with repairs, installations and inspections on domestic, residential and strata buildings.

Reduce Downtime And Risk Of Fines By Replacing Your Cladding

As a building owner or manager, it’s important to make sure your cladding installation is safe to use. With the state-wide audit of building regulations in Victoria, and increasing publicity of insurance claims related to fire incidents, builders and property managers are looking to swap their cladding for materials that will meet industry standards. Whether you’ve got a housing unit or a company, our team’s focus is to ensure you’ll be affected as little as possible by these developments. If you’d like business to remain as usual, schedule your cladding removal and installation with API Rope Access. You won’t only be taking a much needed step towards compliance, but avoid possible insurance disputes and fines while ensuring the safety of your property. On top of our high rise painting work, we can also implement the right installation to follow your local guidelines and make certain you aren’t putting your premises at risk by using non-compliant materials.

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Our Experienced Team Is Prepared For Any Challenge

Our team has worked with a diverse range of clients for projects of various scales. From installing the right system on a new construction project, to handling repairs on existing builds, clients have relied on us to install on both new builds or extensions and complete time-sensitive removals of poorly installed cladding. We can rectify the poor workmanship of your original installation and help you avoid issues such as leaking. While there may be unusual challenges be it poor roof access, full tenancy, lack of storage or many balconies, we can sort out a detailed inspection of your building conditions and carefully plan your new installation to deliver your project on time with minimum inconvenience to your tenants. Call us now if you’re looking to repair or replace your cladding.

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